Translate existing processes into fully functional digital workflows

Drag-and-drop workflow creation
Individual and group job scheduling
Analysis and reporting
Role based access and approvals
Cross-platform support
Offline access
Real-time data capture
Open APIs for third party integration

Go digital

Transform outdated paper based procedures into digital instructions accessible via any mobile or wearable device.

  • Improve traceability
  • Generate a digital audit trail
  • Enhance operational agility
  • Capture real-time data
  • Improve task execution

Connected workforce

  • Deploy your digital workflows to your entire workforce at any location on any device
  • Enrich workflows with images, audio, video, documents and diagrams
  • Offer remote assistance directly from WorkfloPlus

Real-time data capture

  • Capture live data in the field
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Gather insight via customisable reporting dashboards

Manage users and access

  • Advanced user permissions
  • Manage notifications and alerts
  • Implement approval procedures

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